Length surcharge

In order to continue providing the high level of service you can expect from Aramex Australia, it’s necessary from time to time for us to review our fees and charges.

There are significant costs associated with the pickup, sortation, warehousing and sending of large freight. As such, we have in place a length surcharge applicable for parcels over 1.2 metres (up to a maximum of 2 metres in accordance with our Conditions of Carriage). The easiest way to send parcels over 1.2 metres is via our online customer portal, myfastway.

We are proud to deliver for you and thank you for your business as we continue to offer choices and value to our customers.


Important information

  • Length surcharge is applicable on any consignments where the greater of the length, width or height exceeds 1.2m.
  • For customers consigning on the myfastway platform/API the surcharge will be calculated and presented as at time of consignment (assuming correct declaration from customer).
  • For customers transacting on other consigning systems or third party software the surcharge will be calculated and invoiced for the previous month.
  • Where surcharge was not initially applied due to under-declaration of freight or data not being provided, additional charges may be applicable on reconciliation.
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