Fuel Surcharge

With fluctuations in fuel prices affecting the transport sector, our fuel surcharge may adjust accordingly—it can increase, decrease based on fuel price trends.

We track the variance monthly, between current fuel purchase cost and a baseline price, established from our fuel purchase cost at the time we first communicated the surcharge to our customers in July 2020. The fuel surcharge for domestic parcels is calculated based on the proportion of our fuel-related expenses against our total costs, as well as the monthly average of spot index prices for the National Average Diesel Price (cents per litre, including GST), as reported on the Australian Institute of Petroleum website.


Month Surcharge
June 8.80%
May 8.90%
April 8.80%
March 9.30%
February 10.60%
January 11.90%

View the fuel charges for previous years here.



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