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Protect yourself from parcel delivery scams

Scammers use all kinds of tricks to try to gain access to your money, your personal information, your computer or phone.

They often fake details of real companies and use small details like your name and address to make you think they’re real. People who often shop online are regularly targeted by these scammers, and especially during holiday seasons like Christmas, when more people are shopping and may be concerned about their deliveries.

Here are some tips to help you recognise a parcel delivery scam and how to protect yourself in the event you are targeted.


How to spot a scam

Email scams

You might receive an email that claims to be from a courier company that says you have a parcel to collect. It might have our logo and address details on it and look professional.

The email might ask you to click on a link to pay a holding fee for your parcel before you can collect it, or they might ask you to provide credit card or bank details, or to transfer money via an international wire service.

DO NOT click on any links in the email, and DO NOT provide any personal or financial information. If you have any doubts, you can call the company directly on their official customer service phone number and check with them. You can also check online for current scams by visiting the Government’s Scamwatch website.

Phone scams

Phone scammers call and pretend to be someone from a courier service, saying that they weren’t able to deliver your parcel but they will redeliver it if you pay a fee. They might ask you to pay by credit card, or international wire transfer. They might also ask you for your bank details or other personal information to confirm your identity. 

DO NOT give them any information. The best thing to do is hang up, and if you are unsure, call the company directly on their official customer service phone number and ask them about it. It is essential that you DO NOT use any contact information the caller may have given you. You could also visit Scamwatch to find out if the scam is listed there.


Protect yourself – important things to remember

  • Aramex will never ask you to pay when collecting a parcel from a depot or our Parcel Connect agents (there may be a re-delivery fee but this is arranged at the customer’s request)

  • When Aramex is shipping your goods you’ll always be given a tracking number that can be tracked via our website

  • Not all senders let their customers know who will be sending their goods. If you are expecting a parcel and you don’t know who the carrier is, you can contact the sender to check with them.


If you think you may have given money to a scammer, contact your financial institution immediately.

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