Our customers

We’re proud to be the courier service provider of choice to over 95,000 customers; large and small across the globe.

In Australia, our customers come from a vast range of industries from online retailers and wine merchants to stationery and electrical suppliers.


  • Naked Wines

    Naked Wines

    The Aramex service is an integral part of the Naked Wines experience for the majority of our customers. As a 100% online retailer, it is the Aramex Courier who we depend on not only to deliver in a timely manner as per customers' instructions, but to essentially be the face of Naked Wines at the most gratifying customer touch point, when our hand-crafted wine is delivered.

    The Aramex team work with us on solutions to enhance our customer proposition and maintain our competitive advantage from warehouse to front door. This drives the setting of delivery expectations with our customers too. Through a sound working relationship, understanding of our business and ongoing commitment to enhance and innovate, we see Aramex as a key partner in working with us as we continue to grow.

    Luke R

    Business Solutions Director

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