Fuel Surcharge

Fluctuating fuel prices affect our operating costs, which means it's necessary for us to review fuel prices on a regular basis.

Every month we measure the difference between our current fuel buy price and the base price that was set on 1 October 2020, when the surcharge was first introduced. This difference determines if the surcharge will rise, fall or be removed.

The fuel buy price is determined by the monthly National Average Diesel Price (c/litre incl GST) on the Australian Institute of Petroleum website.


Month Surcharge
2021 June 0.86%
2021 May 0.5%
2021 April 0%
2021 March 0%
2021 February 0%
2021 January 0%
2020 December 0%
2020 November 0%
2020 October 0%
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